Attending the Lunch to Go workshop was very informative, great fun and the food was delicious. We had some great discussions about nutrition and our relationships with food – especially in the workplace at lunchtime. I learnt a fantastic amount and found the material to be accessible despite no real knowledge of nutritional biology etc. to start with. I’ve been amazed how many times I keep coming back to my favourite recipe of the day – the quinoa salad. 

Rebecca’s relaxed nature and expertise made for a workshop I’d highly recommend. I will be looking to go to further workshops to continue to expand my horizons!” – Greg S

Not only is Rebecca a wonderful yoga instructor, she also provides motivating, sound and fulfilling nutritional advice. I attended the Breakfast workshop with Rebecca and had such a great experience. Our yoga practice was so relaxing, and put us all in a very mindful and peaceful place. The group was warm and open, and made it a very safe and peaceful place to spend a morning. This was followed by some of the most delicious and nutritious food I have eaten in some time. Rebecca talked us through a number of recipes, explaining the benefits of each in very informative, practical and entertaining ways! She also made some sample dishes for us. One of them being her super-blueberry porridge. Up until that day I hated porridge. I had tried it before and vowed to never try it again. However, for the sake of trying new things I gave it a go, and my mind was changed forever! It was delicious, so filling-like a hug for my tummy, and on top of it all, every ingredient was highly nutritious and clean. The term “clean eating” gets thrown about a lot these days, but Rebecca’s recipes really do bring clean eating to life. I now enjoy gluten-free porridge almost every morning for my breakfast. I can change it up as much as I want, using the wide list of ingredients provided by Rebecca. At the time I went to the workshop, I had paid a lot of money to a nutritionist. After attending the workshop with Rebecca, I realized that the advice from that nutritionist was not sound, or beneficial to me, so I cancelled the program and never looked back. The pancakes are another favorite of mine and a nice treat at the weekend. Our diet has such a big part to play in our lives and our well-being, and I couldn’t recommend Rebecca’s workshops enough. I am also looking into making more changes to my diet, to make it as natural and clean as I can. Rebecca is the woman to help me with that!” – Dawn S

“As a self-confessed jaffaholic, I can say that Rebecca’s yoga and nutrition retreats have led me to reconsider my favourite snack and think about healthier options for treats, lunch and beyond.
The mini retreats are a wonderful mix of walking -through a range of recipes and tasting healthy treats as well as some gentle but powerful yoga practices. Rebecca creates an open and trusting atmosphere that brings people back to her classes and retreats time and time again.
I can’t recommend them or Rebecca as a teacher enough. She is my favourite yogi and always a joy to see and practice with.” – Kelly L

“I have now been on three of Rebecca’s mini-retreats and have thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. Rebecca has a refreshing take on eating well and each time I have left her lovely home feeling positive and inspired. She provides as excellent blend of yoga practise and learning how to create some of her delicious recipes in a relaxed, welcoming setting with other lovely like-minded people.
The recipes themselves are all delicious and I have remade many at home again. In-fact I am sitting writing this review whilst eating some of the yummy Quinoa salad. Rebecca is a fountain of knowledge and always willing to answer everyone’s questions. I hope there will be many more opportunities to attend some more mini-retreats in the future!” – Emma G