There’s so much more to lunch than sandwiches. Or even a green salad….. or maybe a pie is more your thing? Learn how to make sure your lunch is working for your health, and not against, it this friendly, relaxed workshop.

We’ll look at how what we eat affects our energy, mood and overall wellbeing, as well as learning how to make a variety of easy, delicious, nutritious lunches that will not only satiate you but also keep energy, mood and brain-power on top form into the afternoon. To maximise convenience, we focus on things you can easily make ahead so you don’t spend every late evening/early morning in the kitchen. We’ll also look at some super easy and really effective yoga that fits neatly into your lunch break.


  • Easy, delicious, nutritious lunch-to-go recipes
  • What’s harmful and what’s health-building for lunch
  • How to keep your energy & mood stable through the day
  • How to make sure every aspect of your lunch is maximally nutritious
  • simple, effective yoga to make a positive difference when we’re short of time and space

£85, max 10 attendees per workshop

Can’t come on the dates scheduled? Contact me to organise a private or on-demand workshops.