Juices, Smoothies & Shakes


Learn about the awesomeness of super-powered juices, smoothies and shakes in this intimate mini-retreat. We’ll kick-off with a beautiful pranayama practice (breath and cleansing exercises), and then we’ll learn all about (and enjoy) delicious, nutritious beverages that maximise wellbeing, energy and radiance.


  • The fundamentals of juice, smoothie and mylk/shake-making
  • What’s health-building and what’s health-depleting in juices, smoothies and shakes
  • Super-tasty, super-nutritious recipes
  • How to make super-powered drinks that are nutritious meals
  • How to make every sip count towards your health
  • Beautiful pranayama preparations and practices to boost your metabolism, digestion, energy and vitality.

Upcoming dates:

Saturday 25 May 2019, 11.30am to 3pm

£50, max 8 attendees per workshop – Booking essential

Can’t come on the dates scheduled? Contact me to organise a private or on-demand workshop