Happy Gut, Happy You – Yoga & Fermentation

Did you know that the health of your gut directly correlates to your happiness and wellbeing? We need an abundance of good bacteria in there taking care of us and keeping us healthy and happy. Unfortunately modern diets and stressful lifestyles encourage lots of bad bacteria, causing problems from digestive upsets, to hormonal imbalance, to skin conditions, to depression. There is a simple, healthy and very powerful age-old answer though– fermentation!
Fermentation supports the cultivation of healthy bacteria which have the power to transform our health. These foods have immensely more power than probiotics pills! We‘ll teach you all about kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut and fermentated veggies so you can quickly and easily maximise your digestive power and overall wellness.  We’ll start with some beautiful, vibrancy- and digestion-boosting yoga practices then get busy fermenting, learning and taste-testing a variety of fermented foods and things they work nicely with.


  • Why gut health is important and what you can do to boost yours
  • What‘s good for your gut bacteria and what isn’t
  • How to make kombucha, kefir, lactofermented sodas, sauerkraut and fermented veggies
  • Recipes and ideas on a handout you can take home
  • Information and ideas that assimilate easily into your life
  • Beautiful yoga practices to maximise gut health and vibrancy

£85 – Max 10 attendees per workshop – Booking essential

Can’t come on the dates scheduled? Contact me to organise a private or on-demand workshops