Edible Beauty and Glow-Enhancing Yoga

Our skin absorbs what we put on it which is both super cool, and pretty worrying when we consider how much we regularly slather on there!

At this intimate mini-retreat/pamper-fest, we’ll learn how to cheaply and easily make effective, luscious and delicious beauty products. We’ll pamper ourselves on the outside AND on the inside with nature’s beautifiers and yoga practices to enhance our natural glow so that every cell in our bodies will be tinglingly happy!


  • How incredible your skin is and how to maintain its health
  • What’s health – and glow – building and depleting in terms of beauty products
  • Easy, effective recipes for hair and skin beauty products
  • The building blocks of beauty-boosting preparations so you can make-up your own
  • Foods and beverages to inlcude in your diet for maximum beauty boosting
  • Beautiful yoga, pranayama and meditation practices to boost your metabolism, digestion, energy and vitality ie to enhance your glow!

£85, max 10 attendees per workshop – Booking essential

Can’t come on the dates scheduled? Contact me to organise a private or on-demand workshop