Comfort Yoga & Comfort Food

We all know what it feels like to need comfort. We all have go-to foods for that – often hearty or uplifting, perhaps evoking happy memories, and not always entirely nutritious! How awesome would it be to be able to use yoga and amazingly delicious food to give us that warm, fuzzy feeling, without any guilt, lethargy or energy crashes to deal with later? In this workshop we’ll experience some blissful, soul-soothing yoga practices and then learn about (& savour) some beautiful, health-building comfort food.


  • Delicious, nutritious comfort food recipes
  • What’s helps and hinders our health in comfort eating
  • How to get the comfort fix without a comfort-eating hangover
  • Beautiful, blissful yoga to soothe your soul
  • Information and ideas that assimilate easily into your life

£85 – Max 10 attendees per workshop – Booking essential

Can’t come on the dates scheduled? Contact me to organise a private or on-demand workshops